On the off chance that what you need is a 100% tobacco substitute that is a natural normal mix, nicotine free, simple to move because of the finely cleaved leaf, ensured not to leave any delayed flavor impression, and affirmed by an autonomous lab to contain no formaldehyde or DDT, that lights each time effectively, and also consistently, we have quite recently the item for you, Real Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco.

Genuine Leaf was set up in 2012 and has turned into a worldwide pioneer in the tobacco substitute industry, since when they have effectively conveyed a portion of the best carefully assembled sans tobacco natural mixes to individuals around the globe.

It is realized that all through history, individuals have utilized a blend of various plants for restorative purposes despite everything we do, however now we locate that smoking herb, which has been basic in numerous societies, has as of late picked up considerably from logical research, since it is realized that homegrown blends don’t discharge a portion of the destructive mixes found in typical tobacco smoke.

This specific mix of homegrown tobacco incorporates 100% red raspberry leaves, marshmallow root, and mulleins, intended to guarantee that your smoking background will be cleaner and unmistakably charming.

Genuine Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco works extremely all around joined with some other smoking mixes and its nicotine-free mix incorporates 100% red raspberry leaves, marshmallow root, and mullein, beyond any doubt to give you a sensitive surface and fragrance.

Genuine Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco is the ideal tobacco substitute for you!